Nevskaya Palitra is the oldest manufacturer of artistic paints in Russia located in one of the most beautiful Russian cities – St. Petersburg. The company keeps traditions of quality and unique recipes since 1934.

Wide assortment fully covers the demand for high-quality materials for painting, art, restoration and hobby.

Extra-fine watercolour paints "White Nights" is the hallmark of the plant. Three quarters of the paints are made from single pigments, and the whole spectrum of colours is intensive, easily mixable and lightfast.
Nevskaya Palitra also produces the following products:

  • “Master Class” is a line of extra-fine professional artistic paints - oil, acrylic and gouache. It is the only brand, which is recommended in professional artistic universities in Russia.
  • The brand “Ladoga” is a line of fine-quality professional artistic paints (oil and acrylic). They are recommended for sensitive to the price professional artists.
  • «Sonnet» is a line of artistic watercolour, oil, acrylic and gouache paints developed with the newest technologies. These paints are recommended for professional education and creative work.
  • Paints for art and craft “Decola” are designed for painting on various surfaces: glass, textile, silk, wood, ceramic, etc.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional - Russian paints from “Nevskaya Palitra” promise the quality you deserve!


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