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A brief history

IWS Philippines was founded in April of 2014.  At the invitation of Mr. Atanur Dogan, founder and president of the International Watercolor Society, the Philippine branch was established through Karen Sioson.  With the help of co-representatives, Erwin Mallari and Lito Ballaran, and the groups' advisers, the core members sought out other Filipino watercolor artists and the Philippine branch developed and grew in number.  In 2016, the group was formally registered in the SEC as a non profit organization under the name Philippine Guild of Watercolorists, Inc.  We continue to hold our relationship with the International Watercolor Society in high regard and maintain the name IWS Philippines online.

Get to know the members of IWS Philippines

Full members »

Online membership for IWS Philippines is offered in our platforms in Facebook:
IWS Philippines Facebook Group

IWS Philippines Learning Forum

Online members may use both Facebook platforms to get to know other members and to display their artworks.

If you wish to become a registered member of the organization, we have recently opened the application for associate membership.  Please read and understand the organization by-laws before committing and proceeding with the application process.

Read organizational guidelines (by-laws)»

For topics not discussed in the by-laws, you may present your queries by emailing them to:  membership@iwsphilippines.org


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