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Erwin Mallari, the artist from Malabon, was born November 3, 1979. He studied at the University of the East College of Fine arts from 1997 to 2002.  He worked while he was earning a degree but soon found himself leaving school to join the work force full time.  Various stints included being a cleanup artist in an animation studio, newspaper handler, props man, graphic design, photography, proof reader and printer operator until going full time as an artist.

Deciding in 2011 to pursue a career in art, Erwin chose oils and watercolors as his mediums.    When he decided to master watercolor back in 2012, he really applied himself to the task.  He used his eye for photography and developed further his skill in watercolor painting by capturing on paper daily scenes around Manila.  Often seen exploring and painting on location, the character of the environment and people permeates his creations showing how astute an observer the artist is.  These days, Erwin wows other artists, collectors and followers with his large format masterpieces in watercolor, with some paintings as big as a span of whole plywood.

Erwin was officially recognized by the International Watercolor Society in 2014 as a country representative for the Philippine chapter of IWS.  He has been promoting the IWS organization in the country by representing the group in local art festivals/events and is helping spread the practice and tradition of watercolor through workshops he conducts with the rest of the IWS Philippines team.  Erwin was part of the five-man delegation for the 2015 Tam-Awan International Arts and Music Festival.   He also travelled to Cagayan with Lito Ballaran to meet Jen Utleg Consumido for our first feasibility study on Art and Tourism.


2nd place UECFA 37 the Foundation on the spot competition in watercolor category

1st place in Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2011

2nd place in Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2012

Semifinalist in Metrobank Art & Design Excellency (MADE) 2012

2013 art of watercolor (world watercolor competition) semifinalist

2014 kulay SA tubig watercolor competition grand prize


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Watercolors by Erwin Mallari

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